Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion – How to make a great shooter even better

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion – How to make a great shooter even better

I have already expressed the idea that Splatoon 2 deserves to be called perhaps the best shooter of recent years. Certainly the most inventive. We have seen many attempts to invent a new formula for the multiplayer genre, and a lot of repetitive games, slightly distinguishable from each other. But in the end, innovations may seem a gimmick, the most hits and blockbusters are not much different from each other. But Splatoon like no other. It’s a shooter where there is no violence, where the world is painted in bright colors, and where it is necessary to shoot not at the enemy but… in the floor.

But all that we discussed. I put the second part of a remarkable series of high evaluation and praised not only for successful attempt to refresh the world of multiplayer shooters but also for the richness of content and the presence of the story campaign. Well, as the plot – the plot was a lot, but there were levels for a single passage that has recently become less and less. Yes, Call of Duty?

Most players have a positive attitude to adding single-player content in a multiplayer game, but many didn’t pass them to the end, distracted by the constantly updating online mode. Therefore, the announcement that the game is constantly beating records in sales in Japan, will receive a massive pay Supplement completely focused on the new single-player mode was so amazing. But the more we looked, the more interesting it became: it Turns out that we not only give to play the new levels, but also to learn a new history of the world, to play for the representative of a new race and try to understand, finally, what is this insane community is, and how it all began.

Splatoon was always a non-trivial deductible, and the decision to add single player content is definitely the industry standard will not name. But the decision is absolutely correct – the game with such great combat mechanics deserves something more creative than fighting in the same arenas. What is it like Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion?

The first thing you notice players add-ons- that are traditionally bright colors and cartoon style where-that vanished, and their place was taken by the darker, Noir atmosphere and fashionable elements of cyberpunk and vaporwave. Our character is no longer an inkling – that is, anthropomorphic squid, that is humanoid Octopussy. In fact little differences – it’s all the same stylized people with strange hair and the ability to transform into a squid.

Starring – Agent 8 (even in the name of the character the Japanese could not hide the pun) that is (or that it depends on you) remembers nothing, and decides which to pass a series of terrible tests in the hope to return home. In this complex test help her friends for the player’s characters and some brand new characters. To many, the idea and structure – all this is reminiscent of Portal.

There’s two things Octo Expansion on the background of the main game and the plot. The first is the abundance of Laura, which flavored everything. We do not directly hold of the story and how the world was ever formed Splatoon, numerous hints and phrases immediately trigger the imagination and transform this world into something really interesting. If earlier all this seemed a pleasant absurdity, now gradually begin to take in the history and try to discover the many laws of Canon. Change? Hardly. This is the first step to this multimedia franchise with the film adaptations, comics and toys – ask The Pokémon Company, as they are doing.

The second difference in how Supplement… complicated. Honestly. Splatoon ever complex was not – everything is very calm and nice, without any nerves, but the addition is made so that tests the patience more trolls during network battles. Even the first levels are forced to press the restart button and start all over again just will not work – every passage is “money”, as a simple restart after the failure. Don’t worry – we are not talking about microtransactions, which have that Nintendo uses for mobile and free-to-play games. Everything is fair, and compared to other creations of the company, where death means nothing, Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion seems to be more “adult” thing.

Has changed not only the mood, but the gameplay itself. From the “shooter” Splatoon turned into a shooter-platformer-Pasler, where each new level offers a completely different test. Despite common elements, you never know what will happen next – as in, again, Portal. Or in the sanctuaries of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild if you so wish. We’re just shooting the enemies, trying to survive in a hamster wheel, the fly on the rocket pack. The ingenuity of the developers has no limits. But, again, I repeat: prepare to die and be nervous. Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion does not forgive mistakes and it punishes arrogance. So if you, for example, prefer to cover the rear during the battle, and paint the area around your base, not crashing the enemy, then in the DLC you will have to learn from scratch. Any illusion that I am the master, was erased in the first few hours. “Git gud”, I say the developers. And there is nothing left.

Humor, witty dialogue and incredible puns not only did not disappear but even increased in intensity. This helps a greater amount of dialogue and text. The post-apocalyptic theme was a surprisingly “tube” and cozy due to the numerous references to Internet culture, the nineties and early noughties.

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion is not entirely isolated from the rest of the game, and win allows you to win exclusive Goodies for multiplayer, and the ability to play for ontology (for a fan – no bullshit!).

We often criticize the DLC, which often seem to us to cut content. To say that Nintendo knows how to do extras right, but even she sometimes behaves pragmatic – for example, Season Pass Breath of the Wild seemed to be exactly what you had to add that. Anyway, the DLC itself is not bad, and I have no doubt that all the new content were made after the game’s release a year earlier. And it’s really impossible not to recommend. A lot of original content, platforming level Miyamoto, the original new view of the universe Splatoon… if you have the game, the addition to buy a must.

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