Spider-Man 2018 Review

Spider-Man 2018 Review

Dear Mr. Jameson,

I’m a longtime listener, and last week waited with interest for each issue of the podcast “Just the facts”. I write to you and want to share the fears for the fate of beloved new York. The events left a deep imprint on the shape of the metropolis and in the hearts of ordinary citizens. However, I strongly disagree with your stance on Spider-Man. You repeatedly mention that he fancies himself a hero, not really as such.

Mr. Jameson, you are not right. Spider-man is the hero we’ve been waiting for, the hero we deserve, very soon you’ll see for yourself.

So I would start my letter to the former chief editor of the newspaper Daily Bugle. Last week I spent two dozen hours spent in the game Spider-Man from the Studio Insomniac Games and, it seems, forever changed my mind about what a real game about superheroes. I saw an incredible mix of comics, film and video games, where adventure and troubles of the hero are perceived closer than just the circumstances around the character. New “Spider-Man” is a story that can be taken to heart.

Peter Parker is 23 years old, he’s not the same boy as we saw him in the Marvel movies. His real identity he revealed only friend — red-haired Mary Jane. They recently broke up, no matter how and why it is important that Peter now works as an assistant to a talented scientist Otto Octavius and Mary Jane is a journalist. As much as these two help each other and not lose a healthy sense of humor — in a city where every minute something terrible happens, you have to. New York actually lived and prospered — but Spider-Man interfered in the Affairs of Wilson Fisk, helped put him behind bars and as a result has provoked a gang war, which is costly for the city and for himself.

Mr. Jameson, just imagine — Spider-Man is also a man. Again and again he rescues citizens, protecting them from bandits in the alley, stops the villain with the gun and threatened the seller in the jewelry and catch criminals right in a stolen car. The hero returns home, removes the mask and becomes someone from the crowd. It probably concerned the same simple care that we are with you: how to deal with a girl, how to help the family and earn the money to pay the rent. Isn’t he at least deserves some respect though, because in a series of its own problems, he finds time to help others?

Everything written above is true. The world of Spider-Man is constructed in such a way that it’s full of little stories, and you are free to choose which one to develop right now. For example, scattered in the city a couple dozen backpacks that young Peter Parker before cling in the most secluded places. Collecting them, you can learn a lot about the past of the hero: how he lived, what he was fond of. Such tasks appear as you progress through the main story — the game definitely will not be such that you open the map and lose the gift of speech from the insane amount of icons. Eventually there will be the opportunity to explore the research station dealt with Harry Osborn. According to the story, Peter’s best friend went to Europe, and with the help of these mini-quests have the opportunity to learn more about their relationship and about what is involved in the Corporation Oscorp, which has not the last place in the game world.

Along the way, the developers should have saturated the city’s criminal activity: in new York gang boss, the people of Fisk, a group of “Demons” (among the key antagonists of the game) and the soldiers daring girl named Silver Sable. The latter was hired by Norman Osborn when the situation in the city is out of control, but in the end it got worse — all parties feuding with each other, while Spider-Man is in the middle. Now, looking back, I realize that this is a great solution: I had rescued the city from the clutches of all those vultures and resources for the flow, simultaneously plunging into the story of their uneasy confrontation.

A simple gathering and a million third-party activities that sin almost all open world games, turned into a conscious process, which helps in leveling and backed by interesting facts and only the facts — all the love John Jameson.

The latter, by the way, the game is not in the physical sense, but acts as an invisible commentator in all gaming events. Have Jameson here my podcast with a screaming title “Just the facts”, in which he actively brings their distorted judgments, if they are the truth. It was funny and, I think, it was the best decision the writers, because his image of a screaming editor-in-chief with a cigar in his mouth, furiously demanding pictures of Spider-Man, is clearly absurd. Here he looks (i.e. sounds) quite balanced and to the point.

From time to time Spider-Man throws up surprises and allows you to play, for example Mary Jane, who as a brave journalist not stop at nothing to get to the truth — to be a stealth mission to sneak into the Oscorp office. Them with Peter story deserves special attention because it is written very delicately, although the tension between the characters is felt constantly, there is always a common share of humor and irony.

I used that Spiderman is a hero who’s always cracking jokes and often funny and appropriate. This is a complex and delicate matter, especially if you want to keep a serious face, but the developers have succeeded. The truth is, exceedingly funny jokes twenty hours had accumulated a few, but in General most humorous punchlines make you smile. Sometimes the joke turns out in the most unexpected places. For example, in the second half of the game has the possibility for fast travel across the city and on the loading screen you will see how the Spider will stand in the subway with their noses buried in a smartphone. Yes, fully dressed in a suit.

Mr. Jameson, you’ve seen how he fights Spider-Man? It’s just a song, this guy’s got style! At one point prescribes a wide pirouette in the air, beats the villain in the face and making a back flip, sticks to the wall. Then he pushes off and hits a second, simultaneously shaking his into the web of the third. The fourth villain tries to escape, but his back flying in the trash that a guy in tights launched not even touching the ground! You can’t deny that it’s beautiful.

And I would like to challenge your assertion that Spider-Man is the cause of all our misfortunes. Remember how he saved the bystanders from the falling crane or caught in the helicopter during the crash. Last week there were plenty of things more I will not enumerate, you yourself saw everything.

The story in Spider-Man really is built for beautiful things. In the trailers we were shown only a few, but by the end credits have collected a dozen. Will be something to remember and discuss with friends. The game was often compared to the Batman from the Studio Rocksteady — especially when it was about the combat system. Actually this is wrong. Everything here is much more diverse and dynamic, so on any difficulty except easy you have to learn. In the beginning I just rushed into the crowd of enemies and very quickly died Spiderman is surprisingly not the strongest guy in General, is logical, and so he became more human in my eyes. Closer to the finale I turned into a real predator: the toughest thugs were shooting, attacking from above, and when entered in an open battle, you already knew someone in the face to give, whom to throw out the heavy barrel. With the experience of the fight is like a dance, and I sometimes gained a monstrous combo counter in a few dozen strikes. Sometimes I didn’t even touch the ground.

The leveling system is quite simple and is divided into three branches: the “innovator”, “defender” and “web sling”. The first focuses on the attacking skills, the second helps to survive in a fight with lots of enemies, and the third adds magic to the web. For completing storyline quests and side-quests award experience points that increase the level. With each new level give skill points they can spend on improvements. In battles with bandits to earn tokens of crime, tokens for the liberation of posts and so forth. Gaining a sufficient number of these tokens, you can collect a new gadget — such as the drone of the spider, electrocute or mini-bomb, which immobilizes enemies.

In addition, the card has enough of any third party activities that complement the story. For example, the game will quest with a Black Cat, tracked down which you can get a new suit.

Costumes — is generally a separate topic of conversation. In the game, dozens of them: some become available as you progress through the story and side-quests, some will have to craft yourself. In their diversity also reflects the love with which the developers approached their work. It’s a real fashion house (even achievements there is one) and I to his delight found costumes from different universes: improvised outfit from the movie with Toby Maguire, white and black costume “Spider-Man 2099”, “Noir” clothing, costume from the movie “Return home” and many others. All the costumes are amazing, and my heart fans are still happy — to change the appearance at any time, and he will remain even in story cutscenes. In addition, each of the costumes some special feature that ensures the advantage in battle. For example, a suit of MK IV generates an energy shield that temporarily absorbs all damage.

For this fantastic combat, and clever pumping powers, the writers managed to keep Peter Parker a human face and make him a folk hero, close to ordinary people. In the story there is a place for worrying about aunt may, and touching scenes where awkward Peter Parker prepares dinner for Mary Jane.

To navigate in the criminal environment and to learn the latest news Spider helps police radio personally and the police captain Yuri Watanabe is the best partner of a superhero (sorry Mary Jane). She occasionally gets in touch with the character and moves the plot forward, acting as additional narrator.

Mr. Jameson, you know perfectly well what could turn into a gang war, don’t be with us Spider-Man. Note how people on the streets welcomed him as ask to be photographed, or waving to him with bated breath when he lands on the top of the Empire state. He is our national hero, friendly neighborhood. I know that thanks to him we could rebuild the city archives photos and get incredible shots overlooking new York from a great height. Please take a break from work for a minute and look out the window — new York is beautiful, and thanks to Spider-Man, you can safely go out.

Fly through virtual new York city was damn nice. When the game first gives you control, soar through the streets — the only thing I want to do. I did so, half an hour just swinging on a web between buildings. The developers managed to convey an amazing sense of speed and sense of height. The city really turned out great — it is divided into nine conditional regions and even the whole does not fit on one screenshot. Fortunately, the Spider moves very fast and even collecting items scattered everywhere, does not cause discomfort. Over time, I learned the nuances that are inherent in navigation, and not obvious at first glance. For example, running on the roof you can always catch up to the edge and push off, flying far ahead. Or while running along the wall at the edge press a button and the character will swing to the other side of the building. If the path in flight to meet a water tower or power station, have no fear — the Spider will easily pass through the fence supports. Effectively and very beautifully, I want to describe his every move.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you more about the main storyline — it’s full of spoilers and things you better see for yourself. However, I can confidently promise that this will be a story worthy of your attention and is built on logical and natural actions of its participants. Peter Parker already established and recognized by the people hero, behind him has a past that matters to current events, there are skeletons in the closet and a certain relationship with the anti-heroes — it also plays a role.

All that was shown in the trailers, only complication. In a marketing campaign, Insomniac has acted in the best traditions of Marvel — the most delicious left-overs. Honestly, the final tension in this story has reached such a degree that palms were sweating, and the endgame to the throat rolled up a hefty lump. Know that you are not used to read such things about the plots of video games, speciallybuilt on the comics, but please accept my word on faith in Spider-Man there’s a strong dramatic element.

Insomniac Games made a game about Spider-Man that we all once dreamed of: honest in terms of plot, uncompromising in construction and debugging of the gameplay, and the final feeling is incredibly expensive. It harmoniously fits into the Marvel universe, and now I really want to become a beginning for a series of other games about our favorite characters: Captain America, Iron man, Thor and the rest of the Avengers team. In Spider-Man has great potential, both from the point of view of game mechanics and plot — I will not dissemble, the developers left a bold hint on the sequel right now and I want to know what happens next.

Mr. Jameson, thank you for reading my letter till the end. To what I it everything? Yeah, nothing special, just the facts.

Sincerely, your long time reader.

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