Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

Today, the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider — the final part of the trilogy about the adventures of Lara Croft and her relentless confrontation with the organized crime group “Trinity”. On stage preview of the game has caused a controversial response when many controversial elements have an enjoyable experience of successful solutions. The effect remained in the release version, however, this is to talk. Let’s see, what went wrong?

After Rise of the Tomb Raider Studio left writer Rhianna Pratchett. The story was the weakest and most controversial part of the first two games, and personnel changes gave hope for a new breath.

The plot of Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft throws in Central America, where the “Trinity” is looking for a mysterious artifact that could change the face of our planet. Unfortunately, the situation makes sense not at once — at first, it’s the same race for treasure, a fragile (but not too) the girl confronts a group of armed mercenaries.

Subsequently, the character takes on a really important mission, struggling with doubt, but the human person never becomes. From an emotional point of view, everything stays the same: the girl again and again where something falls, beating on the rocks, and now often attacked for wild animals, whose sudden appearance is folded into a spectacular cut-scene, filled with suffering.

Over three parts full with the creators failed to make me feel for at least something like empathy or sympathy — Lara remained a feature, though very beautiful.

Of the problems with history there are other difficulties. The weakness of character and a superficial study of broke the rhythm of the narrative, which, in theory, should build the promotion around the game world and its study. In Peru, Lara will visit three localities, original hubs, where local people accept it as their own. You can hear sentimental stories, but we should not deceive ourselves. Side quests in the spirit of “bring-bring” turning a basic story into a farce, where the heroine puts the apples and chasing pigeons while criminals trying to take over the world.

However, the bright side too. Shadow of the Tomb Raider bet on of the tomb — and won. A lot of them here and they are forced to think, strain brains to find a solution. I haven’t enough. At first glance, the solution seems obvious, but in the end still there is a trick with which you can control with logic.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has gone from rollicking skirmishes in the direction of stealth. Now in nine cases out of ten, waste of ammo optional: you can smear mud for camouflage, to hide in the bushes and remove the yawning soldiers one by one. In addition, the developers let and primitive, but pumped vertical gameplay — Arsenal Lara has a hook-cat, whom she clings to a sheer cliff or fighting enemies.

An important part of the gameplay of steel underwater locations. In the game there are whole sections where Lara swims in the tunnels, her takes over and she fights for her life. Be prepared to meet predators piranhas, stingrays and other vile creatures await Lara and attack as soon as you relax. Will have to look for treasures under the water — I got a special pleasure, however, this applies not only to the water. The final part of the trilogy is a real Paradise for those who are should definitely pick up all that is bad and collect all the artifacts. Travel through the big open locations in search of anything and everything was for me the most enjoyable experience after a dynamic story cut-scenes. The latter are not so much, but diving into another cave or climbing a mountain always find something exciting.

As before in Tomb Raider, the developers have added a lot of notes with the description of found items, interesting facts, and other additional information. The icing on the cake can be considered as written specifically for the game, the dialect of the local people. The practical use of them is not enough, but adds authenticity.

From the point of view of leveling the game is not unlike Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it’s not bad. All of the most important skills Lara is from the first minute, the best of the hidden give in the story, and the rest is a little easier life. I began with the acquisition of big bags to make it easier to collect everything and not have to worry about whether there will be enough space.

Many can be purchased from local merchants: ammunition, weapons, materials. Peruvian merchants accept gold coins. To get them very easily — killed enemies, stashes and chests — literally everywhere.

An additional argument in favor of the concept of “look under every stone” will be fascinating landscapes. No, the visual part is not outstanding, but pleasing to the eye. Especially thanks to the level design, the beauty of the local jungle. The wildlife is a delight when smeared with dirt Lara crawling through the undergrowth. Almost traditional to many modern and expensive games photo mode will allow you to capture the moment with the ingenuity of a professional photographer.

Eidos Montreal have taken the hard and thankless work to make the game transition period when the current generation of all ideas have already been implemented and a new console has not yet started to give another space for creativity. To fail very easily — a boring hack will cast a shadow on the whole series, something fundamentally new has no resources and time.

Positioning on the hands of the best maps Eidos Montreal has performed well. If you love the series or are addicted to games of similar genre, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be a good acquisition. If not, it will wait till sales, but do skip her, I would not recommend.

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