Onrush – all-wheel drive competitor Overwatch from the creators of MotorStorm

Onrush – all-wheel drive competitor Overwatch from the creators of MotorStorm

Trend is the thing that can not be avoided. Trends dictate what movies we watch, what music achieves success, and what games come out. Sometimes trying to be in the subject leads to blatant clones, and sometimes hits like Fortnite. Even more rarely we get a very strange “mutants” like the Onrush, where the original idea is blended with the attempt to take the success from the popular game. In this case we have before us a curious mix of crazy races in the spirit of MotorStorm or Burnout and… shooter Overwatch. How is that possible? Face it.

Despite the fact that everything connected with the Onrush, tells us that this is a typical arcade racing, this is not the case. Her trailers give chase from “the First player to get ready”, and inspire hope in the new crazy racing, which we have lacked. In reality, it is a pursuit without a finish line, reminiscent of modern multiplayer shooters like Overwatch, Paladins, and so on. There’s no first place, but there is MVP.

For me personally it is a huge disappointment. Tease us at this year’s remaster of Burnout Paradise, EA is nothing new showed. The Onrush trailers hinted at something else, but we got a title where the key aspects of the gameplay is exploring, the attacks of the opponent and teamwork. Like in a shooter, we eliminate the opponent in any way, perform common tasks and trying to get around a rival team. It’s a classic, familiar to shooters, many years. But Onrush – a game about cars.

Continuing the analogy with Overwatch, the Onrush prompts you to select one of the vehicles with their own unique features. Each vehicle has its own ways to deal with the opponent more ways to gain points for the acceleration. There is a support with shields and tanks with increased damage.

The moment when I realized that single mode here – no more than an extended tutorial, was unpleasant. How many great ideas have already been “killed” by a desire to join the lot network games? However, abuse is included in the Onrush campaign too – it is extremely useful for the novice player. Many will run out to try their hand with live opponents, but I would advise carefully to study primarily the behavior of the computer, what tactics he uses. As direct competitors in Onrush not, all have to learn from scratch – a tactic shooter is not particularly helpful.

Onrush is a strange, strange thing. It is not as logical as Rocket League, and requires a serious explanation. Unfortunately, the tutorial helps in one but does not help in another. Most of the modes are intuitive, but if your opponent understands some more sophisticated tactics, it can cause serious problems.

As for the technical aspect, Onrush, mostly, happy. This is a very cute game, which, importantly, works on PS4 with a fixed frame rate at 60 FPS. Works, at most, well, stable. Look at her is a pleasure, no wonder the developers put into a title photo.

Destroy the cars of rival beautiful and driving, and then complain I don’t even what. The sound will be worse, largely due to the irritating comment in the tutorials. The music also has to taste is not for everyone, though the genre spread is pretty good.

Unfortunately, the main aspect of the game – multiplayer game over a network is poor, at least in Russia. The problem I noticed back during the beta test, and it will not go away and after release. We are talking about the complete unavailability of servers for a large audience of PlayStation in Russia. Most likely, the problem is in the lock Telegram by Roskomnadzor, which, together with Durov’s messenger has influenced the work of a vast number of services. The trouble faced by me and many others, and even a makeshift workaround like changing DNS does not help here. For Sony, too, seek no sense – it services, for the most part, work as many multiplayer games like FIFA 18. For this reason, even if you are interested in playing, keep in mind the possible complications.

It often happens that when a game review comes out so big and extensive that quickly about her to form an opinion is not obtained, the review turns “in process”, with additions. I feel that in the case of Onrush it’s not even in time and in the condition of the title. Onrush is an experiment; a race where there is no finish line, a shooter where there are no guns. Whether it’s an original way to reinvent familiar genres in the style of Nintendo, or strange attempt to cash in on the trend while it is still hot.

As a gamer, a believer, still giving preference to single-player games and things like Burnout, I can’t help but feel some disappointment that went developers. As a simple layman, I can’t complain about the extraneous factors that prevent the game to find its audience. As an outside, neutral person, I want to praise Codemasters for the courage they demonstrated by releasing such an extraordinary thing. Courage, then what is missing in modern gaming, and even if the result is ambiguous, the potential of the game is definitely there.

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