Need for Speed: Most Wanted – nostalgia for the legend

Need for Speed: Most Wanted – nostalgia for the legend

Let’s start by asking, “What was the best racing game in the last five years“. If you’ve done it – give your answer with a brief description in the comments.

I have the same answer could not find, and it was like a continuation of Need for speed series were the new Most Wanted, showed fresh Dirt, but it is absolutely not the same. Recently tested NFS: Hot Pursuit 2010 was disappointing in terms of the General format. Hard to play where it’s all tied into the achievements, earning medals and virtual glasses. Perhaps there are fans to go, even with 55 times, all in gold, but I prefer the availability of alternatives. In Hot Pursuit comes a time quite quickly when alternatives are already there: either get the gold medal and open new jobs or lay off the game on the shelf. On the other scale it is possible to find racing games that will please fans boring circular racing sports cars covered with advertising and slogans of sponsors.

Being a fan of the old school, my choice in a difficult moment fell on the good old NFS: Most Wanted [Black Edition], which was published back in 2005-2006. I am sure that many if not played, at least heard about this wonderful game, on the character reminiscent of Underground 2. Prepare shawls for uterine nostalgic tears and let’s go!

The story and first impressions

EA Games, releasing NFS: Most Wanted in 2005 and adding patch Black Edition in 2006 doomed the game to succeed. Becoming in a sense a continuation of the idea of Underground 2, the game has kept all the good stuff from the previous parts and acquired new capabilities. It even has some story. Arriving in Rockport (real small town located in the northeast of Massachusetts) on his BMW M3, our rider starts successfully “beat” the local wound up winning race after race. Unhappy with this scenario of events, the Razor for a couple of a police Sergeant Cross gave us the bases, damaging a tank of oil. After losing the race against Razor we lose the car and have to get on the blacklist before the reptile. Positions in the list of 15, to access each of them, to perform a series of tasks, consisting of normal and ranked races chases with the police. For dessert – a couple of races with the boss and the prizes.

And now actually about racing. Some of them are all too familiar, migrating from previous NFS series, part brand new solutions:

  • The ring is boring and long race around in the city;
  • Shootout [new] the same ring, but after each round came last is eliminated;
  • Sprint – race from point a to point B in a closed space, quite pleasant due to the short duration and the excitement;
  • Control points – [new] same as sprint, but without enemies and with the control points. Not had time to the next checkpoint – start all over again;
  • Fighter – [new] route similar to the sprint, it is located on the radar, passing by which you need to squeeze the maximum of speed. The winner is the one who have maximum points;
  • Drag the good old racing in a straight line at maximum speed with manual shifting. The most dangerous and offering race, despite the short duration (about 30 seconds);
  • As well as added police, new entertainment:
  • To hit the maximum number of police cars;
  • Destroy cars of cops;
  • Damage state (crushes everything in its path);
  • The rating upgrade (destroying police cars);
  • The avoid roadblocks and spikes (the latter will make your ass burn with indignation);
  • Violation of the rules (be bad boy);
  • To show the speed record on the radar (remember the movie “Taxi”?);
  • At first, the cops seem harmless and forever dissatisfied children, but this is a false impression. The more – the more and longer they you will be annoyed, and after the fifth level of persecution a chance to get out of go to absolute zero. It is quite interesting that the cops can catch during a typical race. Wound you imagine circles, not bothering anyone, and then this “gift” at the end of the race, he will have to leave.

Nice features

Nitrous oxide, unlike Underground 2, has properties independent of regeneration. Now you do not need to turn tricks for extra portion of “accelerator”. Another noticeable novelty was the mode of slowing down time, which will save your hulking carcass on sharp turns or in front of the police barricade. This mode has a scale filling and nitrous oxide, are available initially, recovering over time. Speedbreaker allows you to assess the situation and make the decision in an emergency situation, for example when the front spikes:

The city of Rockport, where events occur games that are divided into several parts, which are opened as you progress through the blacklist. Time of day is always bright, (probably from this activity cops around) weather conditions are usually favourable, but in any case do not affect the game’s physics. A few hours studying all the available nooks and crannies in the city, which saves time during the race, shortening the route and during the care of the police. Alternatively available also flimsy construction that you can bring down on the heads of the pursuers cars.

Cars and tuning

Vehicles are available for more than thirty. But we begin as usual with the machines, which place on a dump, but certainly not racing. Although there is again a cunning trick, as you progress through the game, even the first car you can stuff the eyeballs turning into a kind of jet plane.

To start I would advise it with Fiat Punto which, in spite of the paucity of characteristics, has excellent tuning potential, reasonable management and good initial acceleration. So pretending to be diligent, family-oriented and forward – to conquer the leaders of the blacklist. The first two are pretty easy, even the Fiat standard. But to outdo the wick on the Toyota Supra, it need more power.

Helpful hint: after you defeat an opponent you can to choose the prize tokens. I advise you to take one of the first three and the last, giving them a unique part for tuning.

The sequence of the purchase of vehicles, provided that you won by choosing the tokens, I recommend the following:

The Supra and Porshe I call the “floating cars” or flying cars. The reason to serve their incredible manageability: they seem to hover above the asphalt that allows controlled drifts. On these cars you can easily turn on the spot, to fit into a sharp turn or narrow slit under the truck. For the sake of diversity, you can look at a Lotus Elise, small and nimble, in sixth gear and maximum power is quite real issues 360km/hour, and all this with confident handling. When you become hot, you will have to get the Lamborghini Gallardo, with similar handling characteristics, but more power. Most useful the excess torque will be in the chase with the police, in the normal races will have to feel the lack of handling. A logical continuation of this epic would be to buy Mercedes McLaren.

The new car will be a good help for faster overcoming of the races with the bosses, koi to fifth place blacklist will be much more difficult. Of adds fuel to the fire and the need to win a bet in chases with the cops, as I said above, there is little fun in trying to get away from a dozen corvettes, helicopters and a pair of heavy SUVs in the bargain. But it’s fun and provides the perfect field for experiments 😉 just the result of one such research was the Ford Mustang, which can be safely attributed to the category of light armored vehicles. Judge for yourself:

This tank is not afraid of either corvettes or light jeeps of police, and solid features to allow to leave rivals far behind on the first straight section. As a consequence, hurt management, but how should you care for the brave tank?

To give the car a menacing appearance section allows “Tuning”, which was enriched with interesting solutions. Now the case becomes on the car as a whole, not by parts like in Underground 2. Sacrificing the breadth of customization options, the developers offered compensation in the form of buildings that are perfect for any car. Remember the photo gallery recommended. Due to the wide possibilities of tuning of this pathetic namby-pamby can turn into something serious and threatening:

Brave racer complain that there are all sorts of paint, hull and whistles are for kids, and then he expects a pleasant surprise. The adjustment menu allows you directly during the race it is better to engage with the handling, ground clearance, distribution of nitrous injection and power turbines.

Thus, the player is free you to choose any style of driving, regardless of whether he prefers drifts and drifting or confident driving in a straight line and honed like a Swiss watch, the office. The main thing here is to come from the mind. Poked buttons not knowing what they are doing for a couple of minutes to lose any driving pleasure, and a portion of nerve cells, while a properly fitted car giving a feeling of comfort and peace.

Graphics and sound

To judge the chart – a private matter. While my imagination turns a couple of hundred boring pixels in the tale, it may not be like Crysis 3 graphics. Here, perhaps, is to judge more about the atmospherics, and it is present here in full. You just “dive” in the game, this city’s problems, defeats hotly and passionately rejoice in victories and successful escapes from the police. You can go after a long working day with the thought “just five minutes, walk one race” and discover that the morning and the birds sing.

Incredible atmosphere and drive the game gives brand soundtrack, which is a hodgepodge AIDS the metal and rapcore. Composition matched almost perfectly and to the point, sometimes causing tension during the chase, and sometimes relaxing of the player during a leisurely drive through the city. This is a great trend that transcends from the first and second Underground and survived until NFS: Hot Pursuit, released in 2010.

7 tips for the beginner

  1. Map is your best friend. (it is worth writing in all caps and put a hundred exclamation marks) Always watch with one eye on the map so you do not run shouting: “And where did that damn turn??!”
  2. the Second eyes on the road. Captain obvious hints that the roads usually are not empty, and who left because of the angle the truck will paslit you pohlesche any turn.
  3. Use short paths. The city roads there are many hidden nooks and crannies, allowing you to win a few seconds of time, or to evade the cops.
  4. in Front of a barrage of cops, it is very reasonable to slow down time and punch him in the boot of one of the cars.
  5. Heavy police jeeps in the front will take only a Mustang, and then at dizzying speed, so remember the time dilation and quietly prevaricate in the direction of substituting under attack of our pursuers.
  6. don’t get carried away with attempts to RAM opponents, it often will only result in a loss of speed.
  7. If you are afraid of being arrested – enable AutoSave and once you get caught, you can just press Alt+F4. After re-boot will be able to try again without loss.

The last thing I would say in terms of advice – be sure to try a manual transmission. It is of course more complications, but that manual shifting allows you to open up some cars. In my case, an unexpected good were the Ford GT and Dodge Viper. First, taking control into their own hands, we can save time at the start, without waiting for the automation to work. Secondly, this is a great chance to beat an unwary opponent at the last moment in a low gear, especially if turbine is willing to strengthen at high revs. After proper adjustment nice bonus is softer cornering and quick acceleration.

Finals, what else do you propose the city roads?

The attentive reader will have guessed that the aim of the game is to win over fifteen opponents, but not so simple. After the final scene, which I will leave in secret for those who haven’t played, we will have a gift in the form of native machine – the BMW M3. And this vehicle is truly amazing, despite the frankly lousy handling on the paper, craving for a beautiful drifts makes him a candidate for the perfect machine. Finished with a career, a player can entertain themselves or re-completing all the races, having protonated fleet, or mode of competition.

Competitions consist of two stages: first you need to pass the race “checkpoint”, on the second we will have a chase with the police and a certain assignment. “Competition only” 69(!), so a couple days of your time takes on extra meaning. My record = 50 events + 69-de (originally it is available and represents an incredible trash, see for yourself). After the competition, you can safely move on to the next part of the game: NFS: Carbon, which review may be ready in the near future.

The finish

In contrast to the modern masterpieces igrostroeniya, Most Wanted can be considered the most warm lamp toy, to which we return again and again, feeling the cool sea breeze of the coast Rockport cleaving the roar of the engine of your trusty car and an iconic soundtrack, amazing mood for the whole day. No doubt, each subsequent passage, like kiss the girls, will leave a magical bouquet of emotions and desire to repeat in the future.

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