My PlayStation 4 is not connected to the Internet. How to get rid of the errors WS-37397-9

My PlayStation 4 is not connected to the Internet. How to get rid of the errors WS-37397-9

When we buy an expensive console from top manufacturers we least expect problems with such a trivial task, as the network connection. Even back in 2007 to download games from the Internet and multiplayer became the norm, and PlayStation 3 has fulfilled its function more than adequately. However, many years of experience did not help the engineers of Sony to be better. On the contrary, some aspects of the PS4 is poor. The Internet is perhaps the most painful issue for everyone who uses the console. But the slow speed is one thing, but a complete failure to communicate with a network is another.

Again and again I see the plaintive cries of help from hundreds of people in one ugly day found that the console completely refuses to connect to the network. The reasons for this, of course, can be many. The console may report about what is wrong, by error code, and can be very concise. I know from experience that in such cases the majority of players rush into the social network – angry and puzzled messages to the representatives of Sony. The same in the best case trite answer, long written sentences, and at worst will send it to the official tech support.

In principle, there is nothing wrong to write a formal tech support. I can advise you much of what I have painted here. But very often you have to wait long for the answer, well, hopefully that gets responsive worker.

In cases where with my technique something like this happens, I immediately climb in Google behind the tip. If you are reading this means you too. But I’m helped by the fact that I know English, and therefore sources to help me much more. Numerous forums, discussion on reddit, and so on – the most useful information is often hidden in non-obvious places. And experience has taught me that rarely do these places any way connected with the official sites or FAQ.

Sony is well-known and credible. It has long been firmly established we have acquired a presence in social networks and hotline support. Both great, but dealing with a large number of people is not always obtained. In social networks, which remain for many the most familiar and easy place to get information, the real answer is you can not get. Often it is advised to contact the e-mail address, what can be done, but don’t expect a quick response. Often have to wait a day, two, three or even more. And the answer is not always going to help. For example, we (and not only us, if you believe the reviews Western gamers) love to all of the trouble to answer in one – have you tried to reset? It may be the solution, but it threatens to delete all data from your console – sometimes terabytes of data. This unpleasant nervous process, which is trying to avoid. Our specific problem and to solve it we must dot, not a sledgehammer.

So what’s the problem?

If there is no console access to the Internet, it is easy to see. Not updated news feed are not visible to friends, not to go to the store and see the game. And, of course, not working multiplayer. So as the PlayStation 4 – the console is more social and more connected to networks than the PS3, disconnected from her unnerving and maddening. And along with all of its users.

Let’s start with the most typical reasons. Perhaps on your side there is no problem, just servers Sony once again collapsed, or again заDDoSили. In this case, you can go to system settings and find the item that allows you to check the status of the servers. If writes that “everything works”, then the problem is not there. Or you could just Google – the fall of the system immediately enters the news and discussed by other users.

Check, of course, and a private connection. If the router does provider. This is a trivial answers, but often we think immediately about the worst, and forget about the little things.

If you are convinced that everything seems fine (mobile loading sites, your computer downloads the files), but the PS4 kicks, then it’s time to think about the second most common and the most, for lack of a better word, terrible problem – the bath account.

As ban?

Yes, this problem I want to immediately dismiss. Of course, if you have not bought a console with hand – in this case, it can expect any dirty trick. But if your console is new, and you are a decent player, then the chance of a ban don’t even come to mind.

To start think about could be the reason for the ban? Did you buy the accounts, was not whether the services cheap buying a “shared” accounts? In General was there anything that Sony could not to like? This includes bad behavior in online games: Mat, swearing, insults, posting of indecent and illicit materials, and offensive nicknames. If you suspect that you could somewhere and be guilty, first of all look to yourself by e-mail (and Spam folder just in case) – there already is a letter from Sony informing you about the bath. If it is 100% your fault. Or, at least, confident in the company. There is already nothing I can do – write and call, and deal with the representatives. Sometimes there is a chance that banned in error.

If you are sure that are no noted a letter in the mail there – then you can almost safely say that your account was banned on IP. And this, alas, is common. The fact that Sony is not very concerned about certain users, and often carries out routine bombing of the users are seen for a suspicious action. Sony may suspect cheats or harmful traffic. Anyway, Sony are confident that the attacker wanted to do, so zabanili it – or preventively or after the fact.

If you have a static IP address – so everything should be fine, and the problem WS-37397-9 will not affect you. But if you like, perhaps the majority, dynamic IP, this could cause after the next shuffle, you may already get banned the IP used by the offenders.

The automatic system doesn’t know that you didn’t break anything, and forbids you to enter the system. Easiest way to check this problem: just go to from your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you see the error – so, it’s definitely a ban. Check whether you are using a VPN it can to cheat the system. Disable it and try again. You can sit through a VPN, but it often leads to severe speed drop. It is not called a solution.

What to do with the error WS-37397-9?

Now that we have defined directly the problem, it is necessary to do something. To contact the technical support we don’t want to play because we need here and now, and to wait there are no forces and desire. Since the problem is in the “gray” IP, I can offer a solution to some unacceptable or impossible, but it still has to be announced. So in the end I did, because he many times suffered from this problem.

Solution one: go to a static IP.

It is known that many providers take the IP from the pool of “gray” addresses, with the result that it is easy to get banned address. In order to (in theory) to get rid of the problem WS-37397-9 once and for all, you can contact your ISP with a request to allocate a static IP. This leads to the fact that your network will no longer change, then you have no one to be confused. But this option will cost you extra money, which is always unpleasant.

Solution two: Force provider to change your IP address (easiest way)

This is hardly a “solution,” but you will be able to regain network access. Until some day you again will not get banned address – then you have to start all over again. The easiest way to change your address is to restart the modem/router. Just turn the device off for 15-20 minutes and plug it back in. High probability that your address is transferred to another, and you got a new one. Have you changed address, you can easily check with the help of numerous services on the web.

Now try to go to the PlayStation store or just turn on the console again. If you are lucky, then everything should return to normal. In this case, congratulations – for some time, the problem of WS-37397-9 resolved. But she can always come back. The next day, month or year. Here I again suggest to think about a static address.

Sometimes banned an entire address pool, and then reconnect immediately won’t work. You can try my method a few times, but there is a risk that it will not help. Then I suggest to “force” the provider to change your address through the manipulation of MAC address. For many, this phrase may sound scary, but it is not so difficult, though more difficult of the two button presses on the router.

Solution three: Change the MAC address

Since the problem is common, I read a variety of her decisions, some – well, very wild, up to the purchase of a new router.

So, you need to change your MAC address. It is not very difficult, but each router requires a special approach, therefore, we first examined how to get into settings. Look at the model of your device and look for the user manual at home or online – it probably immediately thrown out. Everything is done from your browser.

Before you do anything, ask Google (or another service), what is your IP. Do not close the tab with this information.</p

Now go into the router, scoring in the address bar, a special address that different routers your.

Here find the settings of the MAC address, and change only the last digit of his. For example, F0:65:98:12:5D:C4 F0:65:98:12:5D:C3.

Now close everything and turn off the device two minutes. You can unplug the wires. After two minutes, connect everything back and power on. How will the Internet find out your IP, which must now change. You have opened an old tab, so you can compare. It is possible that even under the changed address, the problem is not gone. Then repeat this step once or twice. But the easiest way to get a static IP.

In this way we achieve the same as in the previous step, but it so happens that only a change of the MAC address allows you to receive a normal IP.

Solution four: Reset

A very unwelcome decision, which I avoided. However, it is first and foremost advise the employees of the company. Reset allows you to return everything to factory settings and get rid of many mistakes, erasing all cleaned.

Keep in mind that a factory reset and cleaning systems, which suggest that the company can lead to complete loss of all data on the console. If you play from the network (Yes, even if you have everything on the disk – updates often weigh tens of gigabytes), then this solution will cost you many lost hours. That is why this solution is undesirable – it guarantees nothing, but always something will make it worse.

If you are a subscriber of the service PS Plus, you will be much easier because the system automatically loads all your game settings and save. But in any case first make sure all uploaded to the cloud. If you are not subscribed, you can save backupnode stick.

So, if all else fails, and you have already contacted technical support, you can begin the process of resetting. Do it like this:

  1. First, turn off the console.
  2. Find the power button (Yes, it is there, though many are not aware of this) and hold for about ten seconds until the console emits a second signal.
  3. Connected to the DualShock controller wire, and the wire in the console. Profiting from the Central PS button.

The screen shows safe mode where you can select “Restore default settings”

It is even possible to reconstruct the database. After the operation is complete, check the network. If so, then this solution is also not working, and it only remains to call the provider. Or write Sony might have some ideas.

At the moment, the problem WS-37397-9 with restricted addresses is one of the most serious. Real solutions to it a little, and for others they are simply not available. It is difficult to say who was to blame in the first place – Sony, which bans indiscriminately, or our service providers that give out these addresses. Of course, the Japanese giant would have to find a point weapon and a more delicate solution to this problem, because millions of players are faced with the fact that you’re stuck. Even if you don’t play online, you still need constant updates for games and console update. The problem should be solved anyway

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